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>> live, local, and late- breaking, this wbal tv 11 news today. >> good morning. >> thanks for joining us. >> more rain in the forecast. >> come on, really? more? by the time we hit the weekend it will be better, but we are stuck in the same old same old. yada yada yada. it is deja vu all over again. yogi berra. you have some fog. some heavy rain coming out of virginia. that may arise for the tail end of the drive time. the forecast for today -- a chance for showers and thunderstorms. you might get a peek at the sun in the afternoon, kind of like yesterday. the high-tech return near 78. in a few minutes, will take a look at the forecast for the weekend. >> good morning, everyone.
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a nice start with a few exceptions. we have downed wires southbound on 152 between conway and harford. there are some closures in effect so use caution. in essex, some defective traffic lights. use caution. west belvedere is closed. all of the leftover from the fire activity we were tracking yesterday. 59 miles per hour. a nice start for there is to make your way there. 54, making your way on the outer loop, a nice ride as well795 looks good as well. 895 at the harbor tunnel looks pretty light. let's take a switch over to harford road. still pretty light. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> our big story this morning --
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commitment 2012. the big question today -- is new jersey governor chris christie running for president? >> he has said over and over again he is not, but it is coming up. our reporter is in washington. >> he is raising money, criticizing washington, and giving speeches that evokes memories of ronald reagan, but chris christie says he is not running for president pierre >> i am just a kid from jersey who feels like i'm the luckiest guy in the world to have the opportunity that i have to be the governor of my state. >> voters are begging him to reconsider. >> to do it for my daughter and our grandchildren, do it for our sons. please, sir, i do not -- we need you. >> chris christie's repeated denials have not stopped questions, but as polls show, republicans want more. >> some type of white shining knight that might be able to not have the flaws that they might
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see in rick perry or mitt romney. >> some analysts think that outspoken chris christie may not have the restraint to run a successful campaign. >> he only needs to go after the wrong person one time. >> a good news for president obama who said he would be barely winning if he were held at -- the real election were held today. >> it is time to act. we are not a people that sit back and wait for things to happen. >> off questions about chris christie has not stopped rick perry. he kicked off his wash. campaign last night. but rick perry may have some problems. some donors are doubting whether he can stay in the race. >> and the race for the republican presidential nomination ran to maryland. "the washington post" reported that rick perry raised $75,000 in baltimore. a crowd of 58 republicans attended the breakfast,
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including bob ehrlich. the republican-led house investigating whether planned parenthood is improperly spending public money on abortions. the group has been asked to hand over more than a decade's worth of financial audits. federal law bars planned parenthood, built nation's largest abortion provider, from spending taxpayer money. democrats say the probe is the latest republican effort to shut down the 90-year organization. >> maryland is proposing a statewide ban on crib bumpers pads, sang a our danger. a task force recommended the move, because they say the bumpers' could strangle babies. the ban would take effect january 1, 2013, and would exclude the sale all copper pads for older children or special needs. they he already discouraged the use of crib bumpers for infants and encourage them to put infants on their backs. that brings us to our water cooler question. do you think there should be a ban on bumpers and baby cribs?
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you can share your response on or on facebook. >> bge customers are sounding off on the utilities delays in restoring power following hurricane are reading. jennifer franciotti is live outside their headquarters. >> the public service commission held a post mortem, which is standard procedure following a big storm. wanted to hear from customers about what they thought of bge's performance and what they thought was an ear full. the aftermath of the hurricane was nearly as bad as isabelle in terms of power outages. down trees and power lines knocked out power to more than 760,000 customers. most have power restored within five days, but it did take more than a week from pg&e to restore power to ever win. >> we were out of power for six days.
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our children's did not have school. elementary schools were closed for a week. >> they need to invest in the grid. we regularly lose power even without a storm. >> when i noticed my neighbors had power on both sides, i called pg&e and they had a linemen out within two hours to repair it. >> there is another public hearing scheduled in baltimore on october 11. meanwhile, bge is estimating it will cost $11 million to make up for the repairs they had to undertake following the hurricane. how could that could translate to customers down the road -- will have that coming up at 5:30. >> u.s. postal workers nationwide are holding rallies this week to fight to save their jobs against plan closures. dozens gathered at this one in baltimore outside the offices of congressman elijah cummings.
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elijah cummings along with other representatives and john sarbanes are co-sponsored a bill they say would prevent the collapse of the postal service. it would give them access to tens of billions of dollars in revenue. 8 post offices would close in baltimore city and three processing centers would be closed, including ones in frederick, cumberland, and the eastern shore. more than 126,000 jobs are on the line. >> three men are shot in baltimore city. the latest happened in the 3400 block of elmley avenue. around 9:30 they found two men with gunshot wounds. a few hours earlier, a man was shot. no word this morning on any of the victims conditions or motives for those two shootings. 71 degrees on tv hill. closing arguments come to an end
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and the appeals trial of amanda knox. >> there is no information in the deaths of five people found slain in an in neighborhood. what police are saying about the gunman entered >> here is a live look at traffic. this is the beltway at old port road. another rating morning, bound r
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>> 5:07. the fog is not quite as thick as yesterday. 74 degrees at the maryland science center. we expect fog and drizzle and a low clouds and all that stuff on your way to work, but there is nothing heavy as far as the rain goes around baltimore. if you look at the bottom of the screen, there is a cluster of thunderstorms around charlottesville. that may arrive towards the tail end of the drive time. forecast for today -- like fog, some drizzle and maybe a light
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rain showers and then scattered thunderstorms as we head into the afternoon. the high-temperature 79. it will be another muggy day today. we come back in a few minutes to take a look at the 7 day forecast. >> covering the nation. the gunmen responsible for the deaths of five people in indiana remains at large this morning. all but one of the victims were found shot in the head. the other was shot in the chest and beaten. one person survived. a 4-year-old girl. they have no suspects or person of interest. >> testimony in the dr. conrad murray trial today with an executive concert purport -- promoter on the stand. following his testimony, michael jackson's bodyguard and personal assistant will take the stand. dr. conrad murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter. they painted him as inept and incompetent. the defense claims that jackson self administered the drug did kill him -- that killed him.
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>> in news from overseas, the verdict in the appeals case for amanda knox could come on sunday. during closing statements, the lawyer for her former boyfriend said she is not a man later. rather, the young woman in love and raleigh convicted. prosecutors say she was a diabolical she doubled. she was convicted of sexually assaulting and murdering her british remain in 2008. 5:12, 71 degrees on tv hill. i'm supposed to ask you if you have your halloween costume. >> no, but i might where my daughters from last year. >> i could go as an old guy. let me have it. >> you cannot pass as an old guy. >> we will tell you why retailers are hoping that more ghosts and goblins will shop this year. >> more than 300,000
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>> now traffic pulse 11 and as to whether p;lus -- insta- weather plus together. >> we are looking at the smooth ride in terms of delay. southbound 152 moutnantain road closed due to downed wires. take pleasantville to get around . in essex, defective traffic lights. treated as a stop sign. ft mchenry and the harbor tunnel looking okay.
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jfx, a nice start. if you head out on the hairs or expressway, not tracking any delays. let's start with a live view of trafficked in 152. so far, coming out of harford county, no delays to report. we will switch over to 170, west of the beltway. east and west bound in pretty good shape, of course a little bit heavier eastbound. let's get the latest on the buses and trains. >> good morning. a smooth commute so far on the rails. no delays on the brunswick was. light rail and metro and subway on schedule. 311 bus diverting southbound on cathedral and money men. the mta is launching a new e- mail notification on friday september 30. all current subscribers must register as a new user to continue to receive notification.
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now back to tony pann. >> good morning, everyone. we are starting out kind of like yesterday, only we do not have the heavy rain in the western suburbs. we are watching the cluster of thunderstorms down around charlottesville, virginia. this is moving north east. even though there is nothing wrong baltimore know, at the tail end of the drive time we could see steadier rain develop and perhaps some thunderstorms. the earlier you go the better, even though it is not the greatest conditions right now. the weather map should look familiar to you. it is the same as yesterday. the storm is around chicago. we of the warm air coming up the coast. friends all over the place that will be triggers for thunderstorms. we are looking -- waiting for a kicker in the atmosphere to get rid of this thing. you could see it getting ready to come on shore. this is the british columbia coast, the alaskan coast. this used to be a typhoon out in the pacific.
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this is the remnant. this is going to come on shore in canada and travel all the way across the central part of canada and kick this storm of the way in chicago. our kicker is coming onshore nobody will take until the end of the week to move east. short-term, we will see all the moisture coming from the south through the carolinas and into the mid-atlantic. it will be another humid day. dewpoint in the upper 60's. 69 at the airport. 71 in annapolis. just like yesterday, the dewpoint is close to the temperature, which means the atmosphere is saturated, so you get the fog and drizzle. the forecast for today -- a variable clouds, like yesterday, you might get a peek in the afternoon of sunshine. a chance for shower or thunderstorm, the high temperatures in the upper 70's. tonight, a chance for a thunderstorm. the fog will come back after midnight, upper 60's. tomorrow, same thing. high-temperature around 76 with a 40% chance for a shower or
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thunderstorm. it will cool off on friday, saturday. there could be a shower left behind on saturday, but mostly dry with highs in the 60's and overnight lows in the 40's. some nice weather coming up early next week. >> in this morning's consumer alert, regulators are investigating a possible air bag problem in some 2002-2003 jeep liberty. the national highway traffic safety administration reports that in 4-7 case is the driver side air bags were off without a driver -- an accident happening. the investigation and called more than 387,000 vehicles. there is a prediction about the sale for halloween this year. it is anything but scary. retailers are hoping it is a sign of things to come from the holiday's guides the national retail federation says consumers are eager to have of frightfully good time this halloween,
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with seven in 10 americans planning to celebrate with some form or fashion this year compared to six and 10 last year. >> thank you. >> that means sales of decorations, candy and costumes should be up, especially with more adult getting in on the fund. >> there are so many more occasions to celebrate halloween, with office parties and your neighborhood costume parade, and trick-or-treater with your kids. >> halloween is close to a $70 billion industry, second in spending only to christmas. and like christmas, a chance for temporary employment. party said it expects to add 14,000 employees next month. >> there are a lot of opportunities for those employees to stay on after halloween. temporary jobs do turn into permanent positions. >> a month out from this but the occasion, some retailers have already experienced scary good halloween sales. >> our halloween is selling very
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well. we are selling out of our decor very quickly. they are coming to get it. >> the average person is expected to shot just over $72 this halloween, compared to just over $66 last year. stocks continue to rise. best buy is hiring thousands, plus, an about face made by gm. jane king joins us to track -- to look at the business news. good morning. >> good morning. doing fine this morning. we talked about this early, the controversy over gm's onstar and privacy concerns. the service would continue to track the locations and driving habits of people that canceled the program. the automaker had the rights to sell that information. but after coming under fire in washington, gm saying it will not collect the data. the obama administration says it needs more time to issue of role
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that aims to double fuel economy by 2025. they want to make sure the language in the proposal is just right. the proposed rule was due out by friday, but now it may take until mid november. as for the markets, futures are quiet, kind of flat. yesterday, another banner day for stocks. we finished off our highs of the session, but there was word yesterday that greece appeared to be meeting requirements for international aid. atlantic risk-management has 45 workers that handle deals for commercial property-casualty insurance. best buy has expansion plans in mind. it plans to hire 15 bus and seasonal employees. it sounds like great news, but it is actually half as many as they hired last year. so best buy says it is going to loosen return policy and expand
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services for the geek squad. they said it will eventually sell amazon fire. it doubles as a tablet and will be unveiled this morning in new york. i'm jane king. >> we will see you back here at 6:15 for your next report. >> a breaking news in northwest baltimore. fire crews are on the scene of the deadly fire and a 2000 -- 2800 block of mohawk avenue. cruz located the victim that they pronounced dead at the scene. no reports of any other injuries. the hall had bars on the windows, making it harder for crews to get inside. we have more information as it becomes available. the time is now 5:23, 71 degrees on tv hill. michael felt an apolo anton ohno train together in new york. they are not swimming or not skating.
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>> president goes back to school to that. he will deliver his third annual back-to-school speech at a washington high school. the speech will be broadcast in schools all across the country. baltimore ravens met burke is heading back to school promoting childhood literacy. he joins students to kickoff the read and write a book fair. the event celebrates the importance of parents reading to their children. each student receives a $5 a certificate from his foundation towards the purchase of books. >> of the gold medalist michael phelps jumps back in the water to train for the olympics. he has been preparing for six weeks and he is confident he can get into peak shape to achieve his goal at his last olympics next year. this week, she is in manhattan
5:27 am
with apolo anton ohno who is training for the new york city marathon. they ran together on the ttrack. phelps says he is not running a marathon on november 6. >> between the two of them, they have a lot going on. >> it is blinding. 71 degrees. maryland's governor wants to know why fios is not offered to baltimore city residents. more on his push. >> will he or won't he? speculation grows that there could be a new entry in the republican primary race. >> will it clear up or won't it? we will answer that question in the 7 day forecast and a few minutes. >> if you're traveling out of boston, problems along 152.
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>> live, local, and late- breaking, this is wbal tv 11 news. >> good morning. i'm stan stoval. >> i'm mindi basera. rain is what the script says. >> that is what it said for the last seven days. hopefully, by the weekend it will change. it is deja vu all over again. a chance for a shower, thunderstorm, fog, drizzle, all the words you have heard me use all this week and the past week. >> we will run all loop. >> it will be like l.a. story with steve barton. i will take it on monday and then go hall. take a look at the forecast. we will start with hd doppler. there is nothing going on around baltimore. it is light fog and drizzle, maybe it sprinkel, but the storms and virginia will move north. those could arrive towards the tail end of the drive time. the earlier you could leave it the better. muggy with the fog this morning
5:31 am
and a peak of son of, kind of like yesterday. >> the weather is not impacting the morning commute death, but that could be the case it in the next few minutes. we will let you know what is going on. southbound 152 closed in ballston due to downed wires. 95 looks good of harford county. nothing going on major on 895. watch for defective traffic lights in essex. so far so good according to our speed sensors. we are up to speed on all major roadways. a fire activity is reported as breaking news. at mohawk avenue and forest park. here is a live view of traffic. we will see what is going on out of harford county on 95. we will give you a live view of traffic as we switched to 170 west. east and west bound traffic in
5:32 am
great shape. sarah mentioned, breaking news. fire crews on the scene of a deadly fire and the 2800 block of mohawk avenue. while battling the fire, cree's located the victim that days pronounced dead at the scene. fire officials tell 11 news that the hall had bars on the window making it harder for the crews to get inside. we have a news crew headed to the scene and will have more information as soon as it becomes available. our the big story this morning. gop presidential hopefuls continue campaign this week, and republicans are working to figure out who will be the next nominee. >> the uncertainty has some looking to chris christie. joins us.rara this rumor will not go away. >> it is true, and republican
5:33 am
governor chris christie says he is not running for president, but with so many candidates in the field of failing to gain any sort of attraction, the pressure continues. he? he or won't chris christie dodged the president a question we took the stage at the reagan library tuesday. >> the fact that that is the second question -- [laughter] shows you people are off your game. >> never said no indirectly. speculation continues. >> there is always a chance. the fascinating thing about politics is you never know what will happen tomorrow. >> others believe the pressure comes from republican unease with the current field. a new cnn research poll has three gop hopefuls in double digits. rick perry leads with 28%, followed by mitt romney at 21 in newt gingrich at 10.
5:34 am
>> right now is working its way to the candidates. >> with this budding economy and falling approval rating, they believe that the president is highly volatile in 2012, but he is focused on next year. >> hello, a lead. >> he just wrapped up a three day western campaign swing to raise money. >> what this election about is whether everybody gets a fair shake and everybody does their fair share. that is what i have been fighting for since i got to washington. >> while the president is back in washington, governor chris christie is in the middle of a three day national tour to raise money for the republican party. >> so what did governor chris christie, what else did he say last night other than no, i am not running? >> or did he really say no? he focused on the dysfunction in official washington. he basically blamed everybody.
5:35 am
he accused an indecisive white house as well as a congress that is mired in beltway politics of taking this country in the wrong direction and of causing more economic pain that is necessary. >> sure sounds like a candidate. there you go. thank you, kate. >> were you one of the many people left without power for days following hurricane are reem? no is your chance to speak out. our reporter has what customers had to say and how bfe is responding. >> the hurricane came and went within 24 hours, but it left a lot of problems behind. down trees and power lines knocked out power to more than 760,000 customers. most have power restored in five days, but it put -- took more than a week for bge to restore power to everyone. heather is one of dozens of people that took the psc up on
5:36 am
his request for a public hearing. received positive and negative input. >> we were out of power for a total of six days. our children did not have school. elementary schools were closed for an entire week. >> primarily, they need to invest in the grid. as i say, we were delirious power even without a storm. cr>> when i noticed my neighbors had restored power, i call them and they had a line ran out within an hour. >> it will cost them $81 million to restore power after the storm. it is possible customers will have to foot that bill. the public service commission would have to approve any rate increases. >> the rates can not change unless we say the change. and it would not even have been until bge were to come and ask us to change their rates, which they have not done. >> we will seek recovery of the costs. earliest anyone would see an increase would be sometime next
5:37 am
summer at the absolute earliest. >> new this morning. an ellicott city senior living facility faces a lawsuit for violating federal law for fear england -- failing to hire a muslim woman because she would not remove for headscarf. they filed a lawsuit against morningside house on behalf of kadisha salim. they asked her during an interview if she would remove her religious headscarf if she worked at the facility. she was not hired or contacted after her interview. a baltimore high school senior will be in court this morning after bringing a gun to school. the 17-year-old claims he brought the weapon to the high school after being robbed and pistol whipped by classmates in the days prior. his father said he had no clue where his son got the gun. he must be in court for a bail review hearing later on today. of baltimore city police officers suspended this morning
5:38 am
accused of driving under the influence. the officers of flag down a 26- year-old timothy smith, a five- year veteran, in a randallstown for speeding. but rather than pull over, he sped up, crisscrossing liberty road and cutting off traffic. documents reveal that officers and greg smith from his car as he reached for his weapon. internal affairs is investigating. county police said that is all call level is twice the legal limit. >> 71 degrees on tv hill. why a group of medical researchers are telling men with enlarged prostates to save their money when it comes to a certain supplement. >> some popular medications for diabetes may not be as beneficial as one thought. >> if you plan to travel of ballston, we want to let you know about152. it is closed in one direction.
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>> 5:40. the fog inot quite as thick as yesterday downtown, but it could be thicker in your neighborhood. 74 degrees at the maryland science center. we have the low clouds, fog, the drizzle, but the heaviest rain is south of us. you look at the bottom of the screen, see the storms in the central part of virginia moving north-northeast. they will ride towards the tail end of the drive time. the earlier you leave, the better. the heavier stuff will come in later this morning. forecast for today. a chance for a shower, maybe a thunderstorm, fog this morning, the temperature 78. maybe this afternoon, a peak of sun like yesterday. in a few minutes, the 7 day forecast through the weekend. stay with us.
5:42 am
>> in this morning's medical alert, taking medications and effort to lower blood sugar levels may not be beneficial to the brink. a study of 3000 diabetic patients found those assigned to an intensive program to maintain their cause levels did not see improvements in brain function. instead, they will have it -- they had a high risk of death. researchers say diabetics should focus their efforts on improving their overall health through diet and exercise rather than relying on medication. >> meanwhile supplement once thought to treat symptoms of prostate enlargement may not help after iraq. half of men experience the condition by age 50, and one of those popular remedies salpalmetto supplement. now they said that meant to save their money. their study of 400 men found that salpalmetto did not reduce symptoms like sleep disturbance or incontinent. >> 74 degrees. the oo's in the middle of the
5:43 am
american league wild-card race. playing spoiler. >> we are live outside the fiery re academy. you see that van behind me?
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5:45 am
>> now traffic paul sullivan and insta-weather plus. >> good morning. some good news on southbound 152. it is not reopened. no longer there. you can travel freely. no problems to report on route one this morning. if he will head out into essex, they still have that defective traffic light. use extra caution. everything looks good on the north side coming out of white marsh, 57 miles per hour on southbound 95. 60 at fort mchenry.
5:46 am
mohawk avenue at forest park, there is fire activity. the west side checking out ok. delays leading up to liberty road. everything is running smoothly on 795. on the west side, the starting to build up in volume, but a nice ride is to make your way down towards edmonton. the key bridge and the east side of the beltway so far without delay. that is the latest on traffic paul sullivan. let's get the latest on buses and trains. >> good morning. we are moving along nicely. no delays on the marc train. time. rail and meton oro on the 77 and 99 buses diverting it in the side. -- ingleside. good morning. >> more of the same in the forecast for today and tomorrow,
5:47 am
but things could change over the weekend. the 7 day in a moment. first, let's say good morning to avava marie. >> do you smell smoke, tony? something might be on fire. >> on purpose. >> were outside the baltimore city fire academy. we are getting excited for their thrill show this saturday. i have the fire chief kevin cartwright. thank you for being here this morning and putting things ablaze. october is fire prevention month. and it is ever so important, considering what happened this morning. >> absolutely. unfortunate, are firefighters responded to a house fire and the 28 on the block of mocha up the gitmo of evidence. they perform the search and rescue operation. they found two victims that paris. we do not know what the cause was at this time, but we have investigators waiting for assessments. >> that is really the importance of this event -- to teach fire
5:48 am
safety to young children and adults. tell us about the event. >> on saturday, october 1, 11:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. in conjunction with the maryland association of justice. it is our largest public education event. it is our thrill show. we will host a number of exhibitions focusing on public education and safety and prevention. what you see behind us -- a car fire. our firefighters will go into this fire, put the fire out. we also have the kaiser firefighter competition, combat challenge for the will have gear, carry a large saok of hoses up five stories. a train ride. and lots of public education for those interested. >> it is happening this saturday from 11 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. i know the kids will enjoy it.
5:49 am
let's get a check of hd doppler. there is quite a bit of fog across the area. some powerful storms are showing up well to our south. those could hold together and had our way later in the morning. we will talk more about that in the weather center. for all ages, i think they can enjoy this event. >> this is a great program, a great public service. thank you. we'll go back in the next half hour. weatherwise, a cluster of thunderstorms that will probably affect the latter part of the drive time. the earlier you leave the better it to do not want to hit the heavier rain. right now we just have low clouds, fog, and drizzle. the weather is the same as yesterday -- the storm is stalled around chicago. we are waiting for a kicker to get the atmosphere moving. we are starting to see the kicker, onshore now. this storm is to be a typhoon and "the pacific". it is headed towards british
5:50 am
columbia. this is the coast of -- that is the storm that will travel all across canada. it'll kick the storm off to the east and then our weather will change in the weekend. short-term, we have this moisture coming up out of the gulf of mexico. it is a warm, humid day, some hidden miss thunderstorms. the dewpoint is in the upper 60's. it feels a very summer- like. so you get fog. 70 at the airport. the forecast for today -- variable clouds . remember yesterday you had a peek at that sun and the afternoon, the same thing could happen this afternoon. a chance for stores and thunderstorms. the high temperature of 78. tonight, a chance of a shower or thunderstorms. temperatures drop down to 62 or 70. tomorrow, a 40% chance for a shower. then the kicker comes in.
5:51 am
i will keep a slight chance for a shower and the forecast both days, but it will not be like today or tomorrow. it is going to cool off significantly. the high to pitchers over the weekend in the 60's. the overnight lows in the 40's. the ravens game sunday night will be football weather with temperatures in the 40's. >> the time is 5:50, 71 degrees on tv hill. we will take a look at your answers to the water cooler question of the day. >> this is a look at last night's winning lottery numbers --
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>> time to get your answers to our water core question of the day. >> do you think there should be a ban on bumpers and baby cribs? >> james said, are not these things tested? if tests show they are dangerous, then they should not have been placed on the market. in reality, the best protection for our children is good, smart parenting. keep sending us those responses. we will read more in the next hour oppose the mall on the front page of our web site -- >> now 11 sports. >> the american league wild-card race is going down to tonight's game. the orioles are right in the middle of it. both the red sox and rays won
5:55 am
last night meeting if they win it or lose tonight, there will be in a one-game playoff tomorrow in st. petersburg. what a game last night at camden yards. the rookie catcher, his first of two home runs, 5-1 boston. take a look at one of the great plays of the year. the birds battle back. adam jones, home run number 25, a nice milestone. 7-6. it was 8-7, tie run at second. adam battling. one of the great at-bats ends in a ground ball to third. 8-7 boston win. tampa beat the yankees. the cardinals and the braves are tied in the national league wild-card race. a dent and ravens are 2-1
5:56 am
heading into sunday's prime-time show down. ray lewis earned this week's afc defensive player of the week. the buzz around town centering around number82 tory smith. it will give the jets something else to think about as they look ahead to sunday's showdown against rex ryan's tough defense. let the hype being. >-- begin. >> coming up in in the next hour, breaking news. we are following a deadly fire in northwest baltimore. our reporter will have the latest at the scene. >> time to get down to business in the search for a state school superintendent. find out what the board of education is promising. >> i dare devil inspection of the washington monument this week. how they are looking for damage on the earthquake-rattled
5:57 am
structure. >> fog and drizzle again this morning. when will this break up? we check the forecast in a few minutes. >> is the weather impacting your morning rush hour?
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style like a fashionista. save like a maxxinista. fashion direct from designers. savings direct to you. t.j.maxx. let us make a maxxinista out of you. >> i am alive on the scene of news in west baltimore where an early morning fire has claimed the lives of two people. that story is next. >> speculation grows that there could be a new entry in the republican primary race. republican primary race. >> they are supposed to

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TOPIC FREQUENCY Chris Christie 10, Baltimore 9, Us 9, Washington 9, Rick Perry 5, Virginia 4, Maryland 4, Essex 4, Canada 3, Gm 3, Ravens 3, Boston 3, Chicago 3, Halloween 2, The Maryland 2, Charlottesville 2, Paul Sullivan 2, Apolo Anton Ohno 2, Harford 2, Northwest Baltimore 2
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